Tbilisi’s puppet theater

Rezo Gabriadze, the gregarious puppeteer has built Tbilisi’s puppet theater at Shavteli street. Built painstakingly over the years from a lone building, today the theater and the cafe opened alongside it are considered one of the best places to hang out in Tbilisi.

Space for the theater was provided in a building under reconstruction by the Tbilisi city council. The dynamic Gabriadze and his troupe made it their own and over the years, Gabriadze also constructed the beautiful clock tower and started his own cafe next to the theater.

The cafe – Le Sans Souci is easy to spot – you just need to locate the quirky looking clock tower on Shavteli street. As Gabriadze says “Georgia is part of the Mediterranean, which starts in Gibraltar and ends in my café”.

Here are a few of my own quirky snaps from my visit to Gabriadze’s theater.

Clock Tower Tbilisi
Clock Tower created by Rezo Gabriadze

Whenever the clock strikes the hour, a golden winged angel comes out and a hammer strikes the clock. The circle of life is also depicted on the building with puppets which show the different stages of life on the tower.

Shavteli Street, Tbilisi
Shavteli Street where Tbilisi’s Puppet Theater is located

For someone interested in the arts, Tbilisi’s puppet theater is a must visit.

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  1. You need to keep visiting for more Nisha 🙂
    Actually it was raining when I went there and so I wasnt able to go beyond a few snaps and some of these didn’t come out well due to the bad light.

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