Indian food in Tbilisi, Georgia

I hate crowds. And I believe its not just me, but for most of us Urban dwellers, travel has become synonymous with isolation. A beach too crowded spoils the fun and so does a crowded hill station like Mahabaleshwar. Living amongst a billion Indians means space is a constraint and privacy a luxury. Being a billion strong though has one advantage: wherever you go, India follows. And so does Indian food.

Exquisitely decorated with Indian art motifs, Maharajah in Tbilisi was where we hanged out, meet fellow desis and savored some tasty Indian food. Maharajah was originally established by an Indian guy who sold it off to a Pakistani gentleman, Mr Khaled Rana, who was running the restaurant when we visited the place. The food in the restaurant was cooked by an Indian chef called Harpal, and it was as sumptuous as that in any restaurant in India.

Apart from the amazing food at Maharajah, we found vegetarian food to be abundantly available all across Georgia. A lot of Georgian food was vegetarian, Turkish food was also vegetarian in parts, McDonalds had the good old veggie sandwich and French fries and we always had the option of visiting Maharajah and having Indian food.

Check out Maharajah restaurant at No 24, Akhvlediani. And here are some snaps of the food and the establishment.

Indian Food, Tbilisi, Georgia
Sumptous Indian Food in Tbilisi, Georgia


Indian Food, Tbilisi, Georgia
Inside Indian Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia


Indian Food, Tbilisi, Georgia
Indian Food, Tbilisi, Georgia

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