Easter in Tbilisi, Georgia

Lent is the month of fasting for all Georgian Orthodox Christians of Tbilisi. And Easter is the last day of Lent. It was on Easter Eve that I set out for a walk from Rustaveli Avenue. I was walking aimlessly, taking photographs and by co-incidence I found myself standing inside a church.

Inside the church,  cut off from the noise of the city through its thick stone walls, it was serene. I sat there, all alone, for quite some time. I heard soft singing as a lady made preparations for Easter. I am not a staunch believer, but the experience – the quiet church, soft singing of a lady making preparations for Easter and the calmness I felt there, is all still etched in my memory.

Easter Greetings to everyone.

Easter in Tbilisi, Georgia
Inside a church in Tbilisi. , Preparing for Easter
Easter in Tbilisi, Georgia
Inside a church in Tbilisi., Georgia
Easter in Tbilisi, Georgia
Easter Eggs : Inside a church in Tbilisi on Easter eve

6 Replies to “Easter in Tbilisi, Georgia”

  1. Wishing you the peace of Easter too.

    It is indeed true that chruchs or other places of worship can be a great place of refuge and quiet reflection. As a Christian I find a lot of peace visiting a Buddhist temple even though it is not a religion I belong to.

  2. I’m not a Christian (officially anyway) but I find sitting in churches a very fulfilling activity. The silence, still air and sense of calm that exists in them brings out a spiritual side of me that otherwise remains hidden.

  3. I also am not a Christian, but I love the calm atmosphere inside a church – or most places of worship anyway.
    Thanks for visiting Matt.

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