Visiting Murud Janjira on the Konkan coast – 1

I visited Murud Janjira some time back and came back with a bunch of photographs. It was a short, self driven two day trip from Pune.

I do agree that the cross processed photographs have a 60’s flavor, but I loved the way they turned out and I might just be able to pass them as Instagramed pics. There are a lot of photographs and write ups about Murud-Janjira online. But the basic dope is that it was a fort ruled by Siddis who came – from where else but Africa, and it was so well constructed that none of the Maratha, Dutch and East India Company aggressors were able to capture it. The Marathas under Shivaji Maharaja and Shambhaji tried to bomb the Murud Janjira fort from the village and also by building another sea fort nearby. It is also said that they tried to tunnel their way to the fort and yet didn’t succeed.

The fort is in extremely bad shape in spite of the huge number of tourists who visit the location regularly. Only non mechanized, shallow bottom boats could use the jetty it seems and the travel to the fort is not for the old, fragile or the unfit.

Check out my journey in photographs:

Foreigners at Murud Janjira
Two “Goras” cycling across India it seems, at the bridge to Murud Janjira fort.

We had to park the car in the village and then board the boat that goes to the sea fort. Some snaps of the vilage. We were conned in to paying a large amount of money for parking and hiring a guide there. First time visitors beware.

Streets of Murud Janjira
In the streets of Murud Janjira
Murud Janjira village
A well lit house in Murud Janjira on the way to the jetty.
Murud Janjira beach
Divine…innit? Gorgeous sunrise at Murud Janjira beach.

The Nawab of Janjira and the people of Janjira did not want to accede to the Indian union back in 1947, but were forced to do so. The Nawab has still retained his grand palace which can be viewed from the beach at Murud. Photography and trespassing at the palace is strictly prohibited. Here is a photograph of its gates.

Palace of the king of Murud Janjira.
Gates of the palace of the king of Murud Janjira.

On the way back to Pune we saw a beautiful temple – it was quite old and not really well maintained, but functional and serene nevertheless. Here are a few snaps from the visit.

Temple on the way back
Beautiful temple on the way back
Temple at Murud Janjira
Temple at Murud Janjira.

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