Visiting Murud Janjira Sea Fort on the Konkan Coast – 2

The Murud Janjira sea fort on the Konkan coast was definitely unexciting to say the least. One of the best sea forts of India, a tunnel that runs to another village Raigadh several kilometers away, a sweet water well that still has flowing water – the fort has a lot of things going for it, but neglect washes it all away.

How I wish we could have just had the tunnel open and strengthened for tourists, the well water drinkable. the fort cleaned and marked and a late evening option to listen to its history ala Golconda.

We visited it on a weekend trip from Pune. The photographs are heavily processed to make them viewable. But here are a few of them.

Gate at Murud Janjira Sea Fort
The gate with the mark of the Nawab
Canon at Murud Janjira sea fort
Canon at the fort with a range of 12 nautical miles

The canon has a very long range, which ensured that attackers were not able to target the fort from the coast.

Murud Janjira sea fort entrance
Carefully hidden entrance to the Murud Janjira sea fort

The main entrance gate of the fort is not visible to a visitor unless they come closer to the fort. While having sweet water inside the premises was the major reason behind it not having been conquered, the skillful architecture of the fort also helped the Siddis to maintain their dominance over this fort through the ages.

Inside the Murud Janjira sea fort
Inside the Murud Janjira sea fort

Here is another snap of the Murud Janjira Sea fort. Most of the brick walls are standing and only the wooden parts of the fort were missing due to neglect for the last half a century.

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  1. I have been to Murud Janzira twice and I don’t think I’ve written about it. I have plenty of photos as well. Your post reminds me to do that soon. 🙂

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