Vengurla Beach: Konkan’s hidden gems – 1

Ask someone where the best of Konkan beaches are and the reply invariably will be “Goa”. But ask someone who has lived in Konkan and you might be surprised to know the answer. The Konkan coast is a long stretch of land from Mumbai to southern Karnataka and this beautiful land has some really beautiful beaches – apart from the ones in Goa of course. Vengurla tops the list of such beautiful, unspoilt and scenic beaches in Konkan. Vengurla used to be trading port of some significance and it still has a thriving rural economy.

We landed at Vengurla beach because we were searching for a secluded and not too touristy location on the Konkan coast. We had already been to the touristy Alibag and preferred something a lot like Akshi beach minus the dark sand.

MTDC VengurlaMTDC Vengurla
MTDC Vengurla27-Feb-2010 14:49, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 4.0, 6.0mm, 0.006 sec

We saw a few photographs of the MTDC Sagareshwar resort and decided we would love to visit the place. The MTDC resort is located right next to the Sagareshwar beach and has direct access to the gorgeous white sand beach. We took a bus from Pune to Goa which dropped us at Kolad and we woke up a rickshaw driver at the abandoned bus stand asking him to take us over to Vengurla. He drove at top speed through the fog and we were left wondering if did actually manage to wake him up. We reached MTDC Sagareshwar resort at nearly 6:00 in the morning. The fog was so thick it was barely visible beyond a few metres. The dew drops were still clinging to the leaves and it was mildly humid, mildly cold and completely heavenly there. We were not able to see it, but the sound of the waves hitting the beach was what we heard and that led us to the thatched huts which were to be our abode for the next few days. We loved it then and there.

Dewdrops at VengurlaDewdrops at Vengurla
Dewdrops at Vengurla27-Feb-2010 07:34, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 3.2, 10.8mm, 0.01 sec

We doodled around for a while at the beach, taking photographs and watching the fishermen start their day at sea. The complete lack of any affectations of being a touristy place was what encouraged us to wander around. Some photographs of the early morning on the beach.

Vengurla Beach in the morningVengurla Beach in the morning
Vengurla Beach in the morning27-Feb-2010 07:41, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 4.0, 9.1mm, 0.004 sec

Fishing Boat at Vengurla BeachFishing Boat at Vengurla Beach
Fishing Boat at Vengurla Beach27-Feb-2010 08:01, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 4.0, 6.0mm, 0.003 sec

Fishermen at Vengurla BeachFishermen at Vengurla Beach
Fishermen at Vengurla Beach27-Feb-2010 07:55, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 4.0, 68.7mm, 0.002 sec

After wandering about we also had a look at our huts at MTDC Sagareshwar Resort. These huts are barely furnished with elevated wooden floors and small toilets. With an unreliable cellular network, living on a very secluded beach did get frightening for my city bred nerves.

Here is a snap of the beach hut at Vengurla’s MTDC Sagareshwar beach resort.

MTDC Vengurla Beach HutsMTDC Vengurla Beach Huts
MTDC Vengurla Beach Huts27-Feb-2010 14:58, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 4.0, 6.0mm, 0.01 sec

Yet to come : Food at Vengurla 🙂

4 Replies to “Vengurla Beach: Konkan’s hidden gems – 1”

  1. Hey thank you for dropping by! This is a resort that we saw there and dint get a chance to stay over there.. maybe nxt time!

  2. Been to this place on a vacation two years back. was staying at AMboli n did this palce as a day visit. N yea I jus LOVED this beach! Had sen this MTDC resort n me so so so desperatlyw anted to say there… maybe next time huh?

  3. Yes Joe….MTDC does have the best spots in town. The service at Vengurla also does deserve a special mention. Its as laidback as the place is. Kinda suits the surrounds.

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