Baner Temple, Pune

If you are a resident of Mumbai, have you heard of Manori beach, or of Marve. Have you been to Kanheri caves or the Lord Jagadeeshwara temple near Powai lake. If you come from Ahmedabad, you might like to visit the recently famous Thol Lake. Or the MG ni haveli right in the center of the Old City of Ahmedabad. Hyderabad has the Ananda Buddha Vihara and the Secret Lake as its secrets while Gandhinagar has the Ayappa Temple and the once Broken bridge (now the road to GIFT city) to boast of.

Every city has its charms and and like a charming woman it reveals its charms to those who love it the most. The city of Pune lies on the Deccan plateau and is surrounded by hills. While there is the usual lot of politicians trying to make the quick buck and alert citizens opposing the deforestation of these hills, the hills are still fetching and as beautiful as ever. Baner hills are located at Baner – of course and there is a fetchingly beautiful marble stone temple built on top of one of these hills. The pathway up the temple is through a small locality along properly constructed concrete steps. From the temple, one can have a view of Aundh, Baner and surrounding areas. The hills near and around Baner temple are perfect for mountain biking, short hikes and may be a camp fire with friends at night.

Baner TempleBaner Temple
Baner Temple20-Dec-2008 16:27, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 4.0, 6.0mm, 0.006 sec
View from Baner TempleView from Baner Temple
View from Baner Temple20-Dec-2008 16:12, Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 4.0, 6.0mm, 0.004 sec

The Pashan Lake adjoining the Bangalore Pune highway, is a beautiful, serene piece of land right in the city. It also is slowly being destroyed to ensure that the funds provided by the Central Govt are properly misused.


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