In the Pols of Ahmedabad’s Old City

Pols of Old  Ahmedabad City
Pols of Old Ahmedabad City

The Pols of Ahmedabad’s Old City are what spurred its nomination for World Heritage City by UNESCO. Numerous studies of its rich architecture and current state of disrepair due to public apathy are the only reasons why the World Heritage tag might just help the pols a lot.

The pols are narrow lanes with houses on both sides which rise enough to cut off the harsh Gujarat sun. This picture is of a woman washing utensils in the open courtyard of a house in the pol. Open courtyards are a Pol characteristic to ensure the lack of sunlight and proper air ventilation. There are two doors: the outer grilled one that allows some security with air flow and the second stronger door for protection. These huge wooden doors of Pol houses are now sold around the city for much higher prices as antiques in modern buildings.

6 Replies to “In the Pols of Ahmedabad’s Old City”

  1. The trouble is that the government does not want to do anything either. Its hight time they do something for the city as well. At least UNESCO is doing something.

  2. The government is ineffectual…bcoz they rightly try to spend or siphon the money on more important tasks than conservation. This time around the UNESCO nominations are filed to ensure that Ahmedabad gets some money to spend on the beautiful Pols.
    Also, the fact that the current residents arent very affluent leads to further degeneration of the city.
    Thanks for the visit Shalu.

  3. Janit, I agree. Most of the time the government does nothing. Thanks to people’s organisations and other agencies, attempts are done to restore important monuments in India. I am happy that UNESCO has taken steps.

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