How to buy a Dell Laptop in India

Dell is a wonderful company to interact with. The people that it has on board are some of the most well trained professionals in India. You will be able to make the best well informed choice of a laptop by just talking to the Dell sales representatives. But lets still try and understand how to make a perfect buy of a Dell laptop in India.

If you are a home user or if you intend to buy any of the Dell Inspiron, Dell Studio or the Dell XPS model, than what you need to do is to log on to the Dell website and configure the laptop that you like the best. Check out the price, which does not include VAT, Taxes and Delivery charges.

Next, if you want to see your choice of laptop, go to the nearest Croma store (that is the chosen reseller though other too stock Dell) and check out the model. If you are uncomfortable surfing the internet and making the decision, feel free to talk to the Dell sales representatives there. They will not only help you make the right choice, but if you are ready to shell out the money, they will help you buy too.

Next, according to my method of best buying from Dell, get on the phone and talk to the sales representative about the Dell laptop that you want. The sales guys will send you a quotation. The best price that you will get for a Dell laptop will be the price that you see on the internet + delivery charges which means no taxes. This means that since the Dell Inspiron 1545 with a T6400 processor will sell for Rs 33,900 (sale price on internet) + Rs 900 (Delivery Charges) = Rs. 34,800 (Final price).

Once this is done, you can still ask for freebies like a mouse, wireless mouse, earphones, sound system etc. If you ask at the right time, usually the last day of the week or a month, you will be able to make a very good buy then. Sometimes, depending on the schemes and promotions you might not get all this too, but you definitely will be able to make a very good buy if you order on the phone.

Dell will accept all sorts of money transfers. They will take money by credit cards, internet transfers and also cash if you get it from a reseller.

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