Dell Inspiron Series of Laptops

Dell Inspiron Laptops Review, India
Dell Inspiron Series of Laptops

The Dell Inspiron series of laptops are basically laptops that are configured for “Home Users”. The functions that these laptops are optimized for are much different as compared to what other laptops are configured and used for.

While Dell does provide the best customization options available amongst all other laptop manufacturers, beyond a point, a laptop is not that easily customizable. The body of the Dell Inspiron laptop is built for home users.

The Dell Inspiron laptops have a better processor so that the user doesn’t need to upgrade too often and a laptop lasts for atleast 3-4 years. The insufficient battery life that is usually attributed to the 4 cells that it comes with, the attractive looks, the webcam, the large hard disk, the glossy screen, the softwares that are packaged with it are all aimed at the home user.

Remember that a Dell Inspiron laptop is not meant for regular use of 10-12 hours a day, like any other desktop or business laptop. But it is wonderful to watch a movie and surf the internet everyday for a few hours. It is not really supposed to be taken to the office everyday. Doing so may damage the case in the long term. But you can log it for a long distance journey once in a while in your backpack.

If used properly like this, the Dell Inspiron laptop is a wonderful piece of hardware more than sufficient for all your needs.

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