Dell Inspiron 1545 Review

Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop, India
Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop

I have used previous models of the Dell Inspiron series. They were decent machines and I liked them all, but I was never a big fan of the Inspiron series laptops. What I disliked the most was the silver color. Even the cheapest Compaqs in the market looked better than these Inspiron machines. Dell solved that problem for me this time around.

Welcome the new Dell Inspiron 1545 – in a glossy black color. Gone is the scrubby silver. And with options to team the black with different colors from the default Black, to different shades of blue, white and even beautiful flamingo pink, Dell has made the new Inspiron 1545 look far more attractive than any other home laptop in India. For this Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop review, we will be sticking to the Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6400 which has a clock speed of 2 GHz, 800 FSB and 2 Mb cache memory. The processor is one of the latest offerings from Intel, if not the fastest and is more than enough for most home users’ processing needs.

I looked around some Croma stores and Dell resellers in Pune and Ahmedabad. I haven’t yet set my eyes on the red colored Dell Inspiron 1545.

It sports looks that kill for sure. The Dell Inspiron 1545 is one of the best looking budget laptops available for home use in India today. The build quality is very good with minimal flex. The glossy finish does mean that you will have to keep cleaning the laptop with a soft cloth from time to time.

The Dell Inspiron 1545 sports a new wide angle 15.6 inch screen, perfect for watching movies on. The 16:9 movie friendly aspect ratio hides the black lines that you see both at the top and the bottom of a screen while watching a movie. Dell’s native screen resolution is 1,366 x 768 while most laptops these days sport the 1,280 x 800 screen resolution. The screen quality is average. The viewing angle is limited as it is for most Inspiron series laptops. Once you are set though, you can watch a movie quite comfortably on this splendid laptop.

The Inspiron 1545 is built on the Montevina platform. The T6400 processor that offers a decent clock speed of 2.0 GhHz is not too great for gaming but is more than enough for all your usual needs and of course that if you get a good monitor everything will be better, if you click here you will find the best monitor right now. The Cantiga GM 45 chipset also will last you a while. 2 Gb RAM that is offered with the laptop and this is upgradeable. So you can increase it to 4 Gb to use the dual channel capability of the RAM, probably when the next version of Windows is launched. The graphics card that is provided is also adequate for home users.

Battery Life
The laptop gave a battery life of nearly 89 minutes while reading and 74 minutes of DVD playback with a balanced profile, 40% brightness and wireless off. The battery life performance is pretty dismal compared to most laptops that we have tested. But considering the fact that this laptop in particular was built for home use, we might just acquit the Dell Inspiron 1545 here.

Laptop Shades
The laptop comes in six different shades. The default one is black and it won’t cost you an extra dime. But if you want to go for the Red Paint LCD Cover or the Pacific Blue High Gloss finish you will have to pay Rs. 819.38 extra over the original price. The Alpine White, Ice Blue and Flamingo Pink shaded laptops are priced a wee bit higher at Rs. 820. 46.

Tell you what, these guys at Dell do beat Bata in setting their price tags.

Weighing 2.58 Kgs,it is not a very light thing to carry, but it is not meant to be carried around a whole lot too.

On the whole, the laptop is a good buy if you are strictly a home user or a student looking for a cheap bargain to last a while. Remember that the Inspiron series of laptops is not meant for heavy use, and this laptop just reiterates the point. It is an excellent laptop for home use nevertheless and still the main bread and butter model for Dell.

And the price, at 33,900 (ex delivery and taxes) is dirt cheap as compared to any other laptop with a similar configuration in India.

Before you go buying a Dell laptop, do remember to read this How to Buy and Order a Dell Laptop in India post so that you do not miss out on the best bargains and tricks to get them.

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