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Street Photography

Paris Streets: Guitarist, taking a break

The Guitarist

Paris had a fair number of musicians playing some really soulful music in its streets. I don’t know whether its that musicians are …

Clock Tower Tbilisi

Tbilisi’s puppet theater

Rezo Gabriadze, the gregarious puppeteer has built Tbilisi’s puppet theater at Shavteli street. Built painstakingly over the years from a lone building, …

Old Tbilisi, Georgia

The Life of Old Tbilisi

Years of neglect and poverty after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, followed by war with Russia, left Tbilisi dilipated and battered. …

Vespa Wasp at Kalaghoda Art Festival, Mumbai


Bombay has gotten worse, much worse actually. The shirt sticks to the skin like a second skin, the crowds hell bent on …

Tbilisi, Georgia

Happy Birthday India

Was going around town in Tbilisi and saw two young Georgian lads next to this  shop with Incredible India posters. Asked for …

Pan Wallah

Street photography of a Panwallah and his shop in Vengurla