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Georgian Cuisine

Gastronomical Georgia

I felt ever indebted to Georgians the moment I heard that they were the ones who invented wine. But while appreciating their …

A view of Tbilisi from In The Shadow of Metekhi

In the Shadow of the Metekhi

Georgia has a long culture of food and dance, and there probably is no better place in all of Tbilisi to savor …

Tbilisi Cable Car Station

Tbilisi Cable Car

Georgia, was a part of the erstwhile U.S.S.R. and till it was such, one of the best ways to travel across the …

Tbilisi, Georgia

Happy Birthday India

Was going around town in Tbilisi and saw two young Georgian lads next to this ┬áshop with Incredible India posters. Asked for …

Pols of Old Ahmedabad City

In the Pols of Ahmedabad’s Old City

The Pols of Ahmedabad’s Old City are what spurred its nomination for World Heritage City by UNESCO.┬áNumerous studies of its rich architecture …