Train Travail 2

Nose dripping and eyes watering, as I returned from Bangalore by train, I actually empathized with the BMC which I heard was again under fire for the inefficient drainage system. I secured an upper berth and got to my reading. I had barely turned a page and my ears usually inundated by alien sounds in this part of the country, heard some one speaking a familiar tongue and that perked my interest. They were Marwaris. Soon I got acquainted and exchanged the usual enquiries about each others’ reason for the trip. They were forthcoming and interested in chit chat but since I was bogged down by my surging eyes and splurging nose, I was unusually reserved. I passed a sleepless night as the Maadu children engaged in a screaming competition and I seriously contemplated a childless future.
Soon it was time to leave as the familiar Hyderabad landscape passed by me. It was then that aunty asked me “Would You like to come to our place? Its nearby, you can have tea with us and then leave for your place.” I muttered something about reaching office early in the morning and escaped. I have been travelling a lot since the last few years and such companionship now seems normal. But sometimes I wonder wether I, representing the typical new generation IT worker would go out of the way and invite a complete stranger for coffee?
This snobbery or better – the reluctance to acquaintance might be attributed to the polite society that we all are a part of, in which we usually keep to our non-interfering, non-meddling selves. I dunno the right from the wrong but I believe that most of my peers would agree to behaving the way I do.

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