Toils of SingleDom

A single guy with passable looks and a battered heart is sorely in need of a new girlfriend. Under such circumstances it seems that the whole world conspires to help you achieve one. When after one real tough experience all that you want to do is look for the right one, your comrades try to push their rejects down your throat. Of course the fact that you crib about being single doesn’t help too. You seem to be one pitiable creature in dire straits seeking some womanly comfort no matter what the source. Its an awful “cant kick em cant kiss em ” kinda situation.Before the singledom storm hit every girl i stared at used to be a very good friend and now suddenly they are all prospective brides. Until of course i come to know that they are already engaged or i get to listen to their lovely Gujju accents and sober up. Its strange but girls spewing wisdom in my mothertongue disconcert me to such an extent that i need to run and hide the moment i see one of their species stalking me.

Somehow i feel that i am one of the few unfortunates blessed with good taste, a high sense of self worth and bad looks. The combination makes me particularly vulnerable to the dangers of singlehood. An inveterate introvert like myself has few options for socializing and fewer still to meet like minded individuals while socializing. Thats what i do lament at all times living in this city. The Mecca of Architecture sure does have more than enough to enthrall its visitors, yet sadly the local populace lacks the sense required to appreciate its landmarks. Somehow in our quest for money we don’t give art the importance it deserves. The result is that even in a college of repute like Nirma we fail to find students who can really understand and create beauty. Beauty in writing, in music in any art. Rather the paucity is of students willing to sacrifice their time in these seemingly meaningless pursuits. The result is that you have to contend with nincompoops who dress up in fashions that reflect the tastes of all the decades starting from the 50’s. The nadir is when compelled to complement them on their impeccable style.

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