India’s crown jewel is burning again. After a long period of peace, violence has again flared up in the valley. Am writing this not to report the news, but because I am pissed.

Just add up Kashmir and the North East to the map of Naxal affected areas and take a long hard look at the map of the world’s largest democracy – burning due to inept governance. While the Naxalite problems have flared due to poor state government policies, the Kashmir issue has been protracted due to the presence of the Army.

The Kashmir issue though, is not just a problem between two nations, but also one between the Hindus of Jammu and the Muslims of the Kashmir valley. A predominantly Hindu army, inept media which speaks more than it listens, local politicians with vested interests and the long drawn struggle for freedom have all contributed to exacerbating  the problem.  The Kashmiris are livid about the atrocities carried out on them and they are responding with violence. Why?

Because there is no one to listen to their pain.

Because there is no government to govern, no media to report, no police to protect and no army to defend them.

Because for all of us they are just a few words in our morning newspapers that we tend to ignore.

Because they are a part of a nation which doesn’t give a damn.

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