Gandhinagar : Where are the trees?

I read the news this morning and since then I haven’t had a moment’s peace.

They are expanding the road near my place (from CH- 0 to Adalaj for those who know Gnagar) now to a 6 lane road. Its a four lane road which barely sees 40 vehicles an hour and yet the “development” will continue for the Gujarat Government. Consequences:

1. Loads of money to contractors and hence to the politicos and the bureaucracy. Nothing new – its expected.

2. Cars go faster on this road and hence the bureaucrats in the capital city of Gandhinagar benefit. Buses are rare and the commoners usually rely on getting lifts from cars to reach Ahmedabad.

3. Trees on both sides which make this part of the road the coolest and most beautiful place to drive will be cut and its beauty destroyed. It hurts as I have seen the beautiful SG highway getting destroyed day after day.

4. Price of land on both sides – which currently is 50 lakh rupees a Bigha – 2400 sq metres will increase even more and the farmers who own the land – now rolling amongst millions will sell it to create a few more apartment schemes, malls or duplex bungalows.

I am not against development, but what irks me the most that somehow in this country of ours all that happens in the name of development is that the rich get richer. The government should be proactive in protecting the environment and in helping its citizens – especially the common man to be able to live a better life. Which unfortunately hasn’t been happening. Gujarat is a state that is responsible for 30% of the country’s industrial waste and pollution and has one of the least amounts of green cover.

I was angry, I still am. I believe that it has to do with the fact that in spite of traveling all over the country, I love and long for the peace and tranquility that only beautiful, well planned, green Gandhinagar can give. And the stupid politicos destroying its greenery hurts me a real lot.  Just hope that those in power see some sense and plant more trees this monsoon.

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  1. That is truly sad, Janit. “The government should be proactive in protecting the environment and in helping its citizens…” my thoughts exactly.

  2. @Nadia
    Am angry….and saddened….dunno how long this state of affairs will continue in my country.

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