Enjoying Shashi Tharoor-Lalit Modi

Like the nation, I too am watching it and loving it and getting more interested and intrigued by it. The naive media, doesn’t know what to report, how to report and research. But one thing is for certain – once they find a target, the pursue it doggedly (not a pun) and publish their findings too. So if the media is stupid enough to never realize that instead of reporting about the IT dept investigating IPL, they should be asking why it is doing so after 3 long years. But unmindful of the gaffes, the media is very true to reporting everything that both the parties in question speak and do. Right from the sombre mood of the IPL chief lalit Modi yesterday to how Shashi Tharoor’s beau Sunanda Pushkar’s dad shouted at them, everything is duly observed, noted and published.

Coming back to the point though, the second best part about the whole IPL Shashi Tharoor-Lalit Modi fiasco, besides the obvious entertainment is that the fight led to the downfall of both the bigots involved and hence justice has been done to the politicos for once. I just hope though, that something comes out of the IT probe and something more is revealed by Lalit Modi which will help ensure that instead of closing their ranks as they usually do, these politicos get what they justly deserve.

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  1. And the best is:
    For the last few years nobody for once found anything wrong till the matter was in public this year. Was agencies sleeping for the past 3 years? Agencies may be aware of in past too but the problem with them was Who will bell the cat may be.

  2. I like your piece on tharoor and modi…I’d appreciate your feed back on a post I’ve written on Modi’s new role for indian cricket 🙂


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