NUTS-Nirma University of Technology and Science. Thats the place where i come to write my blogs. In class i write the basic transcript on paper and later i would post it during my lab sessions. NUTS – thats what this place makes out of us all. Funny how we all conform to the system. It surprises me to no end as to how we would go to any length,bear any oppression meted out on us if forced to do so. Is this also a facet of group psychology? Doing all the donkey work just because you have to. No questions asked. No explanations sought. No satisfactory answers received. We are supposed to fill in the feedback forms regarding the performance of our tutors. If we dont do so in time then they fine us. The only objective of the whole exercise is to puff up the already over inflated egos of our tutors.
At this point of time it would help if i would elaborate on our education system at Nirma. We have a wonderful continous evaluation system similar to the one followed at the IIT’s. If you have read ‘Five Point Someone’ then you can easily relate to it. The problem is that the system is implemented such that as of yet there are no five point someone’s in our class. The nadir is a healthy 6 pointer. The University sees to it that the students are happy as all of those who pass do get high scores . And the satisfaction of the teachers is ensured by the pseudo feedback form system. Its compulsory to fill it up too.
The typical Indian mind is so steeped in tradition that it tends to respect anyone with any authority whatsoever. Even the support staff members treat the future engineers with disdain. Some of us might be bossing over teams of 300-400 others in the coming years. And yet no one would raise a voice of protest. Its the system and you do as it tells you to.
Just as the same well educated engineer won’t mind littering the streets, won’t mind a short cut in this Q-infested country, won’t mind taking dowry on his marriage, won’t mind bribing god with his prasad, won’t mind the unbearable aesthetics of his office building, won’t mind sending out another forward which blackmails us into sending 20 others, won’t mind the Laloo Prasads sucking the life blood out of our country, won’t mind the loss of his innocence, his individuality nor his integrity.
That is what college makes out of us.

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