M Lovin It

I live in a city called Ahmedabad located in Western India. A city on the threshold of becoming. Once acclaimed as the “Manchester of the East” it has long been credited with being on the edge of greatness. Like a beautiful woman with a bloated belly awaiting the arrival of its firstborn with due trepidation it has awaited its moment of glory since the past half a century.Like the woman the city is restricted in its movements and the enjoyments it has to offer to its denizens.As a result apart from watching films,indulging in gastronomical pleasures remain the chief mode of delight for us Amdavadis.

So thats what me and all of my lovely friends did this Valentine Day.After watching the Jim Carry starrer – Dick & Mane, we guys went to the McDonalds eatery alongside the highway .Leering at a hot chick and sneering at the wimp alongside her we indulged in our burger. A funny little burger which happens to be purely vegetarian.Up until then i’d always believed that burgers are two buns with some meat patty stashed in between. But what we had was pure vegetarian fare,the primary ingrediants of the McAloo Tikka Burger being potato & peas patty flavoured with spices , served between buns. The reason is that our region of the country has a large population of vegetarian people and so for the west zone and its rich vegetarian clientele Mcdonalds has prepared the special Vegetarian Burger – Tasting not too different from our roadside Rajasthani Dabeli.I fail to comprehend as to why in a nation full of individuals who pride themselves for their Indianness do we allow some famous foreign brand to cater Indian food with foreign names. And mind you,its not just national pride that i am talking about here. The issue I raise begs the question as to what McDonalds stand for ? Come to think of it its like Pepsi selling lemonade in Pepsi bottles in rural areas or KFC selling vegetarian food – just because it has a market for the stuff. What is the credibility of a global brand that sells its wares like a local vendor ? The accomodating integrity of this global brand is no news. Yet as intellectuals I believe we aren’t allowed the liberty of doing our wish as we share the collective responsibility of doing what is right. Its a matter of doing what we believe in. Is it not imperative for every conscious citizen to throw rubbish into a dustbin or not to spit in the corners of a building? By the same ration I believe that as thinking citizens it is expected of us that we eat, drink ,wear and buy what we believe in as that defines us and our individuality. The expression of individuality is what helps define the art and culture of our times. The negation of such accomodating integrity is imperative to the creation of a nation whose citizens pride on being what they are. If we scorn politicians or the swamijis for double standards as they motor away in swanky cars aren’t we too being just as indulgent in our practices?

I know I could go on and on and on. Though the primary reason for all this thought for food can be attributed to my lack of appetite after seeing that Langoor with Angoor. Life’s injustices take a heavy toll on the idle brain.

Comments are welcome. Especially at this nascent stage. Janit.

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