Tibbs Frankies : Tibbs at Begumpet, Hyderabad

Tibbs Frankies, India
How Tibbs came into being
“The year 1967 Mr. Amarjit Tibb on returning back from England had a stopover in Beirut. During his brief stop there he stumbled upon a very ingenious Lebanese preparation, which was a pita bread wrap, with a variety of stuffing’s, this fascinated him. Upon his return the idea still lingered on and he kept innovating it to suit the Indian palate, after a year of research along with his wife they hit upon the perfect concoction. This Indianised wrap was soon tried among friends and family and after testing brilliantly it hit the markets. That was a new era to the term fast food in Mumbai, it caught on like fire in the Jungle, people accepted it and kept asking for more.

Now came the problem of naming the product, again a number of brain storming became the order of the day till a unanimous decision on the name was taken i.e. Frankie
This name went on to become synonymous with taste/quality/value for money, and till date stands for the same.

Frankie was then registered as a trademark to Mr. Amarjit Tibbs Company.”
Mr. Amarjit Singh Tibb, introduced Tibbs Frankies to Mumbai with a single outlet at Vihar Lake, which today has spread to numerous outlets all around the country.
The chain of Tibbs restaurants has made Frankie very popular around the country.

Tibbs Hyderabad

The Tibbs restaurant in Hyderabad is a small shack near the Lifestyle store building in Begumpet. The restaurant has a very simple menu which apart from the Frankies also offers sandwiches and ice creams. The Tibbs restaurant is also present in many other locations in Hyderabad. One which I used to frequent quite regularly was at the STC – Satyam Technology Centre canteen at Bahadurpally.

Tibbs is usually a takeaway joint or a small shack with the now famous – albeit a little outdated Tibbs logo staring at us from all places.

Tibbs restaurant in Hyderabad is always heavily crowded, primarily because of the hordes of blue collared workers who work in the building adjoining it and frequent the place regularly. Another reason could also be the fact that in spite of having some really good restaurants, the area near the Begumpet flyover does lack a fast food joint where you can have a bite and run.

Now, we come to the food part. The Tibbs Frankie is as delicious as ever. The best part of the Frankie, I personally have always believed is the special Frankie masala that the Tibbs guys add to the Frankie. It is the one thing that gives the Frankie its special tangy, spicy taste.

The Tibbs Frankie at Begumpet was good, but not as good as the one at Churchgate station. This is the one reason why I always salute McDonalds. They have probably the best franchisee system that I have seen. More about it and the Jumbo King vada pav later.

If you want to eat at the Tibbs Frankie in Begumpet, I will strongly suggest you go for the cheese vegetable grilled sandwich which was one of my favourites. The other was the almond something ice cream cone that they give there.
Nevertheless, Tibbs Frankies are an institution and all thanks to Mr. Amarjit Tibb. My restaurant ratings:

Ambience : 6/10
Food : 7/10
Price : 7/10
Quantity : 7/10

Strictly so so….:-)

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