Paris Streets: Guitarist, taking a break

The Guitarist

Paris had a fair number of musicians playing some really soulful music in its streets. I don’t know whether its that musicians are attracted to Paris or that Paris evokes music from its residents. Here a guitarist takes a short break from playing the guitar on a perfectly cool September evening in Paris.

Chenna Kesava Temple Belur

Chennakesava Temple at Belur

Our next stop on our four day trip around Bangalore after visiting Sravanabelagola and Halebidu or Dwarasumadra was at the Chennakesava temple at Belur. Chenna means handsome and Kesava means Vishnu. The temple thus, was built as the temple of Handsome Vishnu. The Chennakesava temple was built by King Vishnuvardhana in …

Hoysaleswara temple, Halebidu

Hoysaleswara Temple Halebidu

s After visiting the Sravanabelagola Jain temple, we went to our next stop on the itinerary – the Hoysaleswara temple at Halebidu. …

Beautiful skies at Sravanabelagola Jain Temple

Sravanabelagola Jain temple

One of my earliest memories of Sravanabelagola was of a huge – almost impossibly high idol. I also remember watching the Mahamashtakabhisheka …

Waterfall at Cherrapunjee


The city was very chilly – even in October. It sent shivers through my bones even though it wasn’t snowing. I couldn’t …

Clock Tower Tbilisi

Tbilisi’s puppet theater

Rezo Gabriadze, the gregarious puppeteer has built Tbilisi’s puppet theater at Shavteli street. Built painstakingly over the years from a lone building, …